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Razorblade Romance

Your Periodic Dose of Emo

23 February 1987
Online journals are -so- emo.

I'm a whiny, self-centered, over-weight, unambitious dead-beat who is currently enrolled in culinary school with a baking and pastry major. I'm preparing to go out into the workforce, but to be honest, I'd rather get married, have kids, and be a stay-at-home mom.

In the past I have neglected this, but I am determined to write an entry here at least once a week, just so I have a record of what's going on in my life in case some day I become so fucked up I don't remember what I used to do.
1337, 8-bit theatre, acting, alcohol, all things japanese, anime, apc catgirl nuku nuku, art, bi pride, black nail polish, body modification, bohemian fashion, booze, boys, cameras, cellphone charms, chi chai mon-chan, chi chai monchan, chobits, chococat, chrono trigger, chucks, comicbooks, converse, cowboy bebop, cute scary things, dance dance revolution, dancing, dane cook, ddr, ddr music, depeche mode, digi charat, doing stuff with people, drinking, egl, elegant gothic lolita, elves, emo, emulation, eyeliner, faeries, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, firefox, free stuff, funky eye makeup, geeks, girls, goofing off, goth, gothic clothing, gothic music, gothic punk fashion, guitar hero, hair dye, hayashibara megumi, hello kitty, homestarrunner.com, imaginary friends, irc, johnny depp, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, keychains, l337, laughing, love hina, megatokyo, mermaids, miyavi, money, move, muds, music, music piracy, my little ponies, nana, nes, nintendo, online comics, orange range, paradise kiss, people giving me things, people in general, performing, piercings, pink floyd, piracy, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, piyoko, play station 2, playstation, pom wonderful, pretty boys kissing, ps2, punk fashion, punk rock, pyoko, quizzes, r.o.d., radiata stories, rainbow brite, rocky horror picture show, rogue, roleplaying, scary cute things, serial experiments lain, sex bracelets, sex pistols, shinies, shoelaces, shonen ai, silver jewelry, singing, snes, snes emulation, south park, square enix, star ocean, strawberry shortcake, surveys, taking pictures, techno, techno goth, the legend of zelda, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, thin dark line, thrift stores, tim burton, videogames, vintage clothing, voices in my head, white stripes, world of warcraft, x-men, xbox, xenosaga, xmen